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How Hot is it?

Last week it was hot in Oklahoma. Sunday, I snapped this picture of the temperature inside my truck.

106 is hot. It’s miserable hot. It’s the kind of hot that saps your will to live, or at least move. Yesterday, I took this picture.

It’s tough to explain the difference between those two temperatures. At 112, stepping outside feels like there’s a hair dryer pointed at your face. It’s like when you lean in over the grill to flip over a hamburger and that wave of heat hits your face and for just a moment you know what that hamburger feels like.

I took this one yesterday on the way home. There’s really no way to explain this one. 117 degrees is hot. Roads are beginning to buckle. Trees are dying. Wildfires are rampant. Ponds and lakes are evaporating. Today will mark 15 days of triple-digit temperatures, with no end in sight.

I need some ice cream.

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