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Yukon on Wheels

(One of multiple updates today.)

After a couple of days of off-again/on-again rain, Mason was climbing the walls. One option I’ve had in the back of my mind for just such a day is Yukon on Wheels, the local skating rink.

I don’t remember when Yukon on Wheels was built, but it’s been around for a long time. I remember going there in fifth and sixth grade and the place didn’t seem new then. Many of my old memories of the place revolve around the rink’s small arcade. I spent as much time playing games in the arcade as I did roller skating. I can’t remember ever leaving without making sure my initials were at the top of their Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Crossbow machines.

Sunday, 20 years later, I found myself experiencing deja vu. The videogames have been updated and perhaps the carpet’s been changed, but everything else seemed identical — except, of course, the employees are much younger than I had remembered them being.

Mason, never having skated before on a real skating rink, was like a deer on ice. For the first time. With banana peels glued to his feet. I tried to get a picture of him standing upright but it was nearly impossible. You would need a faster camera than I own.

Mason skated in the practice area for a while and then decided to tackle the big rink. He started working his way around the wall, falling every two feet or so. Halfway around the lap a referee took mercy on him and helped him back over the beginners area once again.

Mason stepped foot in the beginners area again, fell, and hit his elbow hard on the floor. He immediately began screaming and I ran to pick him up. He screamed the entire time I was taking his skates off. He said he couldn’t move his arm. I got his skates off and carried him out to the truck. I checked; he could move his arm a little and his fingers were okay so I figured at worst we were looking at a serious bruise.

After a night of pampering and ice, it appears the arm is okay. Mason’s dying to go back next weekend and try again. Maybe next week we’ll try elbow and knee pads.

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2 comments to Yukon on Wheels

  • Pat Loisel

    Loved the pictures. I have many similar ones, just change the face to you or your sister. I would love to go and watch next time. I’m way to old to put skates on. Old bones take a lot longer to heal! Thanks for the pictures and the memories!

  • Rob

    Like I said, we may try and go again next weekend, but not without pads next time.