I Voted … for the First Time!

Yesterday was the first time I ever voted for the first time in a Presidential election. I’ve never voted before because despite what people say, it doesn’t feel that my vote matters much here. During yesterday’s election Mitt Romney won all 77 counties here in Oklahoma, with a popular vote of of essentially 2/3 of voters. In one-sided elections, a vote for either side tends to get lost in the piles. My vote, regardless of whom it was for, didn’t sway the election one way or the other.

People always say “if you don’t vote, don’t complain.” Well, I never do either (vote or complain). I suppose now that I’ve done the first, that gives me the right to do the latter. (I won’t, however.)

Our biggest concern right now in regards to the election is how will having a Democratic President and a Republican House affect a potential sequester, beginning in January. The threat of neither side agreeing on a way to balance the budget is very real. If that happens, the potential for both Susan and I to be sent home without pay — maybe for days, maybe for weeks, maybe for months — is a real possibility. Susan’s always been more of an ant than a grasshopper and is already planning ways to stockpile cash.

As for me … well, the winter’s a long time away, and I got me a fiddle!

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