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Veterans Day 2012

Both Mason and Morgan’s schools had Veterans Day programs yesterday. The kids were asked to invite any Veterans from their family, which included both of their living grandpas.

The day began at Morgan’s school, where kids, Veterans, and kids’ parents were treated to juice and donuts for breakfast. After that, we filed into the gym for the program.

The second graders sang two songs, and Morgan was very excited to get to hold up “the capital A.”

“They’re all capitals,” I said.

“Yeah, but I’m first,” said Morgan.

Later in the afternoon it was off to Mason’s school. You might remember, Mason was elected Class President earlier this year. One of his duties is to speak at school assemblies. Yesterday, Mason read a poem in front of the school honoring Veterans.

Mason got a lot of compliments about his jacket and he’s certainly getting some miles out of it, but I think he’s about to outgrow this one.

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