"Men of five, still alive through the raging glow , " Gone insane from the pain that they surely know." Metallica, "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Chicago Update

Coming to you live from a back alley somewhere …

Just got back from the show earlier. It was smaller than I had expected, but all the people were great. (How could a room full of Commodore 64 fans hanging out together NOT be fun?) I think overall I sold around 15 books, and I got to meet some great people as well. It’s hard to believe how many people are still coding software and developing hardware for the old ’64 until you see a bunch of them together in one room.

My cousin Patty went with me to the show and was a trooper for sticking it out all day. She was of great assistance and I cannot thank her enough. Kamino and Cityside75 (both Digital Press regulars) stopped by at different times … actually, Kamino hung out for the majority of the day. Pam and Kevin came by too and the break from all the computer buzz was quite enjoyable.

Tonight Uncle Buddy cooked steaks and Grandma whipped up some veggies, all delicious. Tomorrow morning is breakfast at Uncle Joe’s, and after that I’m turning around and heading back home. I’ll post a review of ECCC when I get back (including pix). Thanks to the guys for having me out — it was a great time and I suspect I might even return next year, book or not.

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