Hornets Cannot Work Magic

I went in with four co-workers this year and split a season’s worth of Hornet’s tickets five ways. To get my out-of-state readers back up to speed, due to a little tropical storm named “Hurricane Katrina” the NBA New Orleans Hornets temporarily relocated to Oklahoma City. The Hornets love being in Oklahoma City — financially, the franchise is doing much better here than back in NOLA. And likewise, Oklahoma City loves having the Hornets — last year alone, we sold out the Ford Center 24 times! Unfortunately for everyone involved, the NBA stresses that the move is temporary and the Hornets plan to return back to New Orleans in the 2007-2008 season. That means we only have them for one more season, and I plan on enjoying them while they’re here.

Friday night was a preseason game against the Orlando Magic, one of the eight games this season I had tickets for. The first game of the year is always a learning experience. I had to figure out where to park again, where to sit again, where the snack bars and restrooms were in relation to our seats were, etc. Parking downtown is always a pain; your choices are $5 to park really far away (but with a decent chance of early escape) or $6 for underground parking at the Cox center (which is pretty close, but plan on spending half an hour in your car waiting to get out). Because the game was right after work I ended up eating at the game. $3.50 for a hotdog, $3 for a 20oz Coke. I really wanted to get a Hornets baseball cap but I couldn’t force myself to drop the $25 — Stephen reminded me that Wal-Mart probably has them cheaper.

As for the game, well, it was a game. We were up 30-23 at the end of the first quarter and only down by 1 point going into the half, but as the game went on our good players kept getting hurt and/or came out (as it’s only a preseason game) and eventually the Magic pulled ahead and stayed there. The final score was Magic 100, Hornets 85. Despite the loss it was an entertaining game and it really put me in the mood for the upcoming season!

After the game, Stephen suggested we stop by Riverwind Casino, so we did. Here’s my review of that. I lost $100 on slot machines. The end.

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