"So I made a big mistake, try and see it once my way." -Alice in Chains, "Would?"

Skate or Die

This evening I had the privledge of observing what must have been the world’s worst skateboarder. Tonight was Mason’s hour-long gynmastics class. Typically during his class I keep myself entertained by sitting out in the car and either brainstorming ideas for my next book, listening to music, or playing Gameboy Advance games. Tonight however, I could *not* keep my eyes off this skateboardiing moron. Not only did it appear that he had never skateboarded before in his life, but the poor kid was sixteen or seventeen years old and learning how to skate in a public parking lot. He fell at least three times pretty hard, and almost got run over by cars cruising through the parking lot a couple of other times. I know skateboarding looks really easy on the Playstation, but you might want to practice in your own driveway a couple of times before attempting it before a parking lot full of onlookng, bored parents.

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