"When the problem's yourself you start thinking, no matter how far, you'll never leave it behind." -Life of Agony/Ugly

The Christmas present I ended up with after this year’s bout of Dirty Santa was this collection of hot sauces. Containing “Flavors from Around the World,” the box contained the following seven bottles:

– Peruvian Garlic Sauce
– East Asia Teriyaki
– West Indies Cayenne
– Pharaoh’s Revenge
– South West Jalapeno
– Jamaican Habanero
– Cabo Juan’s Chipotle Sauce

As I alluded to yesterday, on New Year’s Day we picked up some fresh tamales and while they are always great, they were made a little bit better with a bit of Jamaican Habanero sauce on them!

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One Response to “World Explorer Hot Sauces”

  1. Mom says:

    Yum! And no sugar in sight!