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YDKF Episode 118: The iCade

Episode 118 of You Don’t Know Flack has just been released! Episode 118 is all about the iCade, the ThinkGeek/Ion mini-arcade cabinet for tablet gaming. The name implies that it only works with the iPad, but did you know the iCade works with Android tablets as well? You didn’t? Find out what else you didn’t know about the iCade in this episode!

Also, if you’re on Facebook, I just added a page for You Don’t Know Flack. The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/YouDontKnowFlack?fref=ts. By liking that page you’ll get notifications about the podcasts before anybody else. If RSS is your thing, podcast.robohara.com has its own RSS feed as well. Additionally, new episodes are announced here at robohara.com too. I guess the point is, there are many ways to be notified of new episodes.

Link: YDKF Episode 118: The iCade

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2 comments to YDKF Episode 118: The iCade

  • Fraze

    I have an icade I picked up used on Amazon for $40 and it was worth EVERY penny. I’m using my 32GB HP Touchpad with CM9 Tenderloin and MAME … and its FLAWLESS!! It really gives you an 80’s Arcade Cabinet “feel” … and all at your kitchen table!

  • Brent

    How did you get cm9 on your touchpad to pair with the iCade? I’m in the same boat as you and can’t get the two to pair for the life of me!!