"Call me the hunter, that's my name. Pretty young thing like you is my only game." -Danzig/The Hunter

And the winner of the Cyberganked contest is…

…announced in the following video!

Here are the Twitter accounts mentioned at the end of the video:

@Commodork (Mine)
@icecreamjonsey (Robb Sherwin’s)
@Cyberganked (Updates about the game)

Here is a link to Robb’s online photo gallery, where he is posting some of the pictures as he prepares them for the game:


Again, thanks to everyone who mailed in pictures and entered the contest. Although the contest is over, if you would still like to submit pictures for Robb’s game, you can continue to e-mail them to me and I will make sure he gets them.

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2 Responses to “Winner of the Cyberganked Contest!”

  1. Earl says:

    I’m suddenly craving donuts. Congrats to the winner!

  2. Commodore Computer Club says:

    I just checked out the pictures so far. Really cool. I am the Warez Runner :)