Almost Famous

Last night, a friend of mine and I visited the new Vintage Stock store in Midwest City. While walking through the store my friend pointed out that they had copies of Videogame Collector Magazine on their magazine rack. For those who don’t know, I write reviews for Videogame Collector Magazine and have my mug shot printed on the inside cover in the staff section.

While we were shopping I noticed a customer thumbing through the stacks of loose Nintendo carts. “I wish I could remember what it was called,” he said to the manager. “All I remember is that it started with the letter ‘S’. Do you guys have a complete list of every Nintendo game ever released?” he asked. “No, I wish we did,” the manager replied.

The thing is, they actually DID have a list of every Nintendo game every released — it’s in Videogame Collector’s Magazine price guide. Being me, I butted into the conversation. “Actually, they do have a list of every Nintendo game here,” I said. I then walked with the customer over to the magazine rack, picked up the magazine, and flipped it open to the game list in the middle of the magazine.

“How’d you know about that list?” he asked. I then flipped the magazine over to the front page and showed him my picture. “That’s me,” I said. By the guy’s reaction, you would have thought he had just met someone famous. “Noooo …” he said. He looked at my picture in the magazine, then at me, then the picture again, then me … “You’re Rob?” he asked. “That’s me,” I said again. He stuck out his hand and said, “wow, it’s really you!” as we shook hands. As he started thumbing through the game guide, I wished him luck in his game search and headed on my way.

It was almost like being sorta-kinda famous for about ten seconds.

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2 comments to Almost Famous

  • Colton

    Game starts with the letter “S” … jeez!! Imagine walking into Blockbuster to find a movie that you can’t remember, but it starts with the letter “C”.

    Way to go, Rob! You have a real fan club out there!

    – Colton

  • Pat Loisel

    I can’t believe he didn’t buy the magazine and ask you to autograph it! And by the way, I want my autographed copy of your book back!
    Love, Mom