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Goodbye, Milk Crate!

A couple of months back I bought a flat screen television to use as a monitor for some of my old computers. After posting the following picture, the number one response I received was, “nice milk crate.”

While digging around in the garage this weekend I found some scrap wood left behind by the previous owners and decided it would make a nice shelf for the television.

I decided the perfect height would be “two Commodore disk drives, plus an inch or so.” Not very scientific, I know — rounding up, I decided on 8 inches. Once the sides were screwed on I attached a back brace and slathered the entire thing in some white paint that I found out in the garage (also left behind by the previous owners).

After an hour or two of drying out in the sun, it was time to move the shelf inside. Goodbye milk crate, hello shelf!

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