YDKF Episode 136: Funspot Arcade

After a couple of weeks off, my podcast You Don’t Know Flack is back with a new episode dedicated to the Funspot Arcade. Funspot is the largest arcade in the world, and we recently visited Funspot during out vacation.

A few other notes: one, the voice mailbox number has changed. The new voice mailbox number for the podcast is 405-486-YDKF. That should be really simple to remember. That’s 405 (as in the OKC area code), 486 (as in the PC processor), YDKF (for You Don’t Know Flack). This one should not change.

If you’re relying on this particular feed to know when new podcasts are released, you shouldn’t. The most reliable way is to either subscribe to the YDKF RSS feed over at podcast.robohara.com, join the You Don’t Know Flack Facebook page, or subscribe to the podcast on either iTunes or Stitcher.

A few other recent episodes include:

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Thanks to everyone who downloads, listens to the show, and provides feedback! Assuming no more tornadoes and vacations, the show should be back on track!

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