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Morgan’s Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was Morgan’s birthday. Morgan’s birthday is in June and Mason’s is in December, so she typically gets the outdoor/water-type parties and Mason usually gets indoor ones.

Susan discovered that you can rent some of the public pools in Yukon for essentially $1/minute, which I think is an incredible deal. For Morgan’s party we rented the Kimball Park pool for 90 minutes for $90. That included two lifeguards and one additional employee, and was for up to 50 people. We joked about it a bit, but seriously, at that price I don’t know why we aren’t renting out that pool every weekend, birthday party or not.

I didn’t blog about the party immediately because there wasn’t much to say about it. Everybody had a good time, everybody swam, Morgan got a gigantic pile of presents from friends and family and left a year older.

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