"Here's looking at you, kid." -Rick Blaine

Strange things often unfold quickly in my life. I don’t even question these bizarre happenings anymore; I just go with the flow, ride out the whirlwind adventure, and document everything that happens along the way. Last Friday I was told my mother-in-law had purchased her own antique mall, and on Saturday Susan informed me that I would be running my own booth. Well, “booth” isn’t the right word — it’s my own room. Apparently, it’s approximately 20′ x 40′ in size (I haven’t seen it yet). Susan told me it would be a great place to get rid of a few of my unwanted arcade games, so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing.

The building is right off of Main Street in Yukon, and Susan’s mom signed a one year lease. The store is set to open its doors March 1st, so I’m sure I’ll be doing some painting and cleaning before then. 800 square foot is an awful lot of space to fill when you’re not sure what you’ll be selling. I’m sure I’ll figure out something.

The thoughts on my mind right now:

- I need shelves.
- I need display cases.
- I need a soda machine.
- I need to fix a few of my games and get them ready to sell.
- I need to check into some sort of security system.
- Google “running an antique mall booth.”
- Google “consignment sales.”
- I need to actually see my space before I do any of the above.

Liz gets the keys to the building today, so at some point today Susan and I will go over and check the place out.

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2 Responses to “Congrats on your new Antique Mall Booth!”

  1. Pat Loisel says:

    Send me details on booth rental, space sizes, etc. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a long time. If it works, I might like to do a booth. Mom

  2. Susan says:

    The info is at http://www.aunt-eeks.com. Beware! This is a beginner website, that Rob says looks like a third-grader put up, but it’s got the info out there. Rob will more thank likely fix the site fairly soon, with the grown up version. The booths are all 10 x 10. – S.