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The Kleenex from Hell

So the other day Susan mentions to me that Morgan has a funny smell coming out of her face. Not knowing what to say about that, I simply nodded and went about my business. A few days later, Morgan’s teachers mentioned that they’re going to start teaching the kids how to brush their teeth, ostensibly because Morgan’s breath is so bad.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago at Morgan’s scheduled doctor’s appointment. Susan mentioned the funny smell to the doctor and her first words were, “she’s probably crammed something up her nose.” The doctor gets her light and shines up right up Morgan’s nostril; sure enough, something’s up there. With Susan calming Morgan and another assistant holding her down, they went in after it. A few moments later, the doctor pulled an entire Kleenex out of Morgan’s nose that, according to Susan, “smelled like it came from the pits of Hell.”

Morgan seems happier, and the smell is gone.

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