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I’m Recording a Podcast about Recording Podcasts and Need Your Input!

For my next episode of You Don’t Know Flack, I’ll be covering the topic of recording podcasts. I’ve written a loose outline for the show and I have lots of opinions to share on how I do things, but they’re just my opinions. If you currently record a podcast, I’d like to include your opinions as well. Here’s how you can contribute!

Record a brief (no more than five minute) audio segment offering some podcast-related advice. Your target audience is people who are interested in starting their own podcast but haven’t created one yet. During your segment you can talk about any aspect of podcasting. Some useful topics might be:

– Hardware or Software suggestions! What kind of mic/computer/software do you use?
– Technical advice! What do you do to make things sound good?
– Show topics! How do you pick them? How do you plan them? Do you script things out or wing it?
– One host vs. multiple hosts! Again, what works best? What do you enjoy?
– Promoting your podcast! How do you get the word out?

You can tackle one of those topics, all of the topics (if you talk quickly!), or something completely different. Got any production tricks? Have you found a good way to organize your shows? Have you found something your listeners like (or don’t like)? This is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge and insight with up-and-coming podcasters. (And, it’ll be some good promotion for your own shows as well as I’ll be plugging them on my show!) You could share some things that have worked for you… or maybe some of the things that didn’t work! It’s up to you!

To participate, you can do any of the following things:

01. Record a segment. The segment should be no more than five minutes in length, and in either mp3 or ogg format. Anything up to 25mb in size can be e-mailed to my gmail account. If you don’t know what that address is, I’ll give you a hint: it starts with “robohara”.

02. Phone it in! You can leave your suggestion on the You Don’t Know Flack voice line at 405-486-YDKF. The quality won’t be nearly as good, but at least people will hear what you have to say!

03. Send me an e-mail. If you don’t have the time to record anything, you can always simply e-mail me something.

The goal is to record this show next Monday, which gives you three work days and the entire weekend to come up with something. People want to hear from you! Don’t let them down! Don’t let me down!

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