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We (the O’Hara Clan) arrived home Friday evening after a week-long vacation of visiting family in Chicago. Although the 800+ mile drive was long, the kids were great. Although Mason still doesn’t have a firm grasp of time yet, he understood it well enough to ask, “how many hours are left,” a few dozen times Friday.

Mason and his grandpa’s 32 train ride from Oklahoma City to Chicago went well. The connecting train from Ft. Worth to Chicago was over five hours late, but things worked out. Dad said the food on the train was excellent and the ride was great.

We will have many great memories of this trip. Without telling a million stories, here are the highlights of our vacation. Sunday morning dinner at Joe’s, Sunday afternoon birthday lunch at Uncle Buddy and Aunt Linda’s, a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry with Patty, Dinner at Aurelio’s Pizza, dinner at Uncle Joe’s, visiting several parks, playing at Odyssey Fun World with the kids … we did a lot this week!

I took the liberty of combining Dad’s pictures from the train ride and Uncle Joe’s pictures from this past week in with my own, creating one big sooper mega picture album. It may take a minute or so for all the thumbnail pictures to load, but if you want to see pictures from our vacation, here they are.

Chicago Vacation 2007 Photos

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