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The dash of my WRX has a small cubbyhole that at first glance looks like a place where you might temporarily stow things, things like your cell phone or your wallet. Unfortunately the cubbyhole is sloped the wrong direction, so it acts more like a ramp than a safe place to put anything. The slightest bit of acceleration sends whatever is stored in the cubbyhole into your lap (or face, depending on the amount of acceleration).

For my birthday, my mom got me this. It’s a sticky pad (thus the name, “Sticky Pad”) designed to hold things in place on your dash. All I had to use the pad was to open the package and get the pad out to the car. It would have taken me 10 seconds to install. Here’s how that went:

- For a month, the Sticky Pad sat in my living room. Every time I went out to the car I thought, “Ah, I should have brought that Sticky Pad!” Distance from the car: approximately 50 feet.

- While cleaning the garage last month, I picked up the Sticky Pad and took it with me. It made it to the garage, but not the car. Distance from the car: approximately 15 feet.

- That same weekend, I assembled the Podcart. For some unknown reason, I put the Sticky Pad on the Podcart before dragging it back upstairs. Distance from the car: approximately 75 feet.

- Then I went to Denver. Before heading out, I tossed the Sticky Pad in my backpack so that, when I got downstairs to the car, I could toss it inside. Instead I forgot and brought the Sticky Pad with me (in Susan’s car) to Denver. Distance from the car: approximately 640 miles, and now in the wrong car.

- Upon returning home I exited the car and, before coming inside, removed the Sticky Pad from my backpack and placed it in the proper car. Success!

The Sticky Pad is now sitting in the cubbyhole in my WRX. I use it daily to keep my cell phone from flying off the dash and it works very well. Hooray!

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2 Responses to “The Migrating Sticky Pad”

  1. Tex-Hogger says:

    Kind of a round about way to get there, but at least you can check that off the “to-do” list…. Things in my house seem to go in and out the door a few times before getting into their proper place…. I know exactly how you feel….


  2. aardvark says:

    This is an example of stuff in orbit, isn’t it.

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