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Bedford Level Experiment performing “History (Commodore 64)”

The Bedford Level Experiment, a band describing themselves as performing “indie geek folk-rock songs about sci-fi and the soul, Commodore 64 and the mind, and flat earth” on their Facebook Page, has released a new song about the Commodore 64.

The song, “History (Commodore 64),” is an autobiographical song written by Robin Harbron. If that name rings a bell it’s because Robin worked on the Commodore 64 30-in-1 plug and play joystick, and his company p1xl games has released several “retro-style” games for iOS including RPG Quest: Minimae, PiXl Party, and 4NR.

“History (Commodore 64)” features Robin on guitars/bass/vocals with his daughter Rianna on drums and the Commodore 64 itself, adding some sweet SID sounds to the mix. The video for the song was recently shown at World of Commodore 2013. Even if you don’t care for this style of music, retrocomputing fans will dig the video which contains lots of retro hardware. See if you can spot it all!

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1 comment to Bedford Level Experiment performing “History (Commodore 64)”

  • J Feinberg

    I looked up “World of Commodore 2013” hoping it would occur near New York some time, but it won’t as it’s in Toronto. However, on the TPUG site I did find mention of M.U.L.E. Returns! It has been released for iOS:


    It’s $4.99. I’ve puchased it, although I haven’t had a chance to try it out. Did I ever love M.U.L.E. on my c64! I remember playing 4 player games against myself, trying to see how much total money I could come up with. I think I did best when creating artificial shortages of various things.