Work and Play

At work this week, I’m participating in a firewall team that is currently evaluating firewalls, creating new firewall policies and rulesets, and ultimately rolling out our solution to over 8,000 clients. The break from my normal job duties has been a breath of fresh air — it’s been fun working with people instead of computers for a change.

My book writing continues. “Commodork” (the name is subject to change) will detail my stories growing up in the early years of home computers. I picked up a couple of books on editing which was helpful to read. Writing continues …

This weekend there’s a videogame auction in Moore. The following weekend I’m driving up to Chicago to go hang out with my friends from Digital Press for a party being held by one of the guys who owns a videogame store. I’m still planning on going to Arkansas to hang out with my friends there the last weekend of October, and the weekend after that I’m going to help a guy record his album.

Weekends? Bah, who needs em.

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