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Florida Vacation 2014 Day 1: Eatin’ and Drivin’

We hit the road bound for Florida on Saturday, driving east. I can summarize day one by saying that we ate and we drove.

We had breakfast at the Hungry House Cafe in Antlers, Oklahoma. The HUngry House Cafe is the best breakfast restaurant in Antlers. From what I understand, they are also the only one. My Uncle Kenny and Aunt Barbara met us for breakfast along with my cousin David and his family and we got to see my cousin Steven too. For David’s son Caleb we brought a grab bag with 50 toys and action figures that we got from the local toy store, and I’ll have to admit that I was peeking over his shoulder to see if any Star Wars toys ended up in there! We had a great but too brief visit with everyone. After filling our bellies we poured back into the car to continue driving.

We made good time and had a late lunch at Rollin’ in the Dough in Shreveport, Louisiana. I had a shrimp po-boy with coleslaw on it — pretty good! I also had a side bowl of tomato bisque, which was also terrific! Susan had a bowl of sausage and beans and rice that she described as “amazing.” Susan found this place on Yelp and it was worth the stop!

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening driving. We arrived in Metairie, Louisiana (just outside of New Orleans) around 9pm. We had dinner in our hotel room, a pizza delivery from Zita’s. We ordered a large pizza, a chicken parmesan sandwich, and a kid’s spaghetti (for Morgan). 10 minutes after placing our order, Zita’s called us back to inform us that they don’t deliver kid’s meals. After a brief discussion of what I thought of their policy we were forced to upgrade Morgan’s order to an adult sized meal at twice the price. I really wanted to push the issue but we were all too tired to care that much.

Day one down!

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