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Florida Vacation 2014 Day 3: Disney World

Last night we arrived at a hotel in a town that I cannot spell or pronounce, Apalachicola, Florida. We got to the hotel late so it was hard to tell how close to the ocean we were or what the view was like. When we woke up the next morning, this is what we saw:

While I had breakfast in the hotel (it was actually a two bedroom cabin, but whatever) Susan and the kids did a bit of exploring. Apparently the ice machine was invented in Apalachicola and they have a museum dedicated to it, which for $2 a person you visit.

We hit the road early Monday. After three or four big sit down meals in a row, the kids voted for Hardee’s and so that’s what we had for lunch. A couple of hours after that, we arrived at the day’s destination: Disney World! Unfortunately the previous day’s drizzle had not only followed us, but had turned into an outright down pour. That didn’t stop the kids from suiting up and heading straight for the Swan’s pool!

Anyone who has ever complained about Disney World being crowded has never been to the pool in the middle of a rain storm. WE had the place to ourselves!

After the kids were done swimming we hopped on the bus and went to Downtown Disney. The first thing I wanted to see there was the Lego store and it did not disappoint.

It rained the entire time we were in Downtown Disney so we were wet but not soaked. The kids wanted to have dinner at either TREX or the Rain Forest Cafe and the wait was well over an hour for each so instead we opted for “Pollo Campero,” which is essentially like any fast food chicken place you’ve ever been to. Just double the price and you can pretend you’ve been there. Mason and I had a hot dog, burger, drink and a shake for $29.

Around 10pm we made our way back to the room, changed into dry clothes, and hit the bed. We’re going to do some more swimming tomorrow before getting back on the road to head to our final destinaton, the Florida Keys.

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