Today’s Garage Sale Finds: Star Wars!

Most people who know me I collect Star Wars “stuff.” Any time my mom or Pat Deckard or Cathy Martin see a Star Wars item at a garage sale, thrift store or antique mall, they immediately think of me. Today’s inside tip came from our friend Jacquie Gappa, who let me know that her ex-brother-in-law (I think I got that right) was selling off a big chunk of his Star Wars collection.

She was right. I came home with this:

As I began moving the items into my house I began mentally sorting them into different categories.

I bought the Wicket the Ewok phone and the Chewbacca Bandolier Strap because they were the only two vintage things I saw at the garage sale that I didn’t have. That was easy.

Some of the things, I bought because they’ll help me complete the set. I bought the Mr. Potato Head “Spud Trooper” because I already have “Darth Tater.” I bought the Christmas themed C-3P0 because I have the Jawa one. I bought the 3P0 and Skiff Lando Applause figures because, even though I don’t care for those toys, I already have a bunch of them and those are two I don’t have.

Some of the things, I bought because where on earth am I going to see them again? I’m sure all those Star Wars-themed TV Guides and unused Taco Bell and KFC “Kid’s Meal” boxes aren’t terribly rare, but I’ve never run across them at a sale before and, for a quarter each… why not?

A couple of the items, like the 12″ Boba fett and 12″ Snow Trooper, I bought to open. I already have boxed ones, but I’d kind of like to open them and see what they’re like. So I’ll open these.

The rest of the stuff I bought because it was a good deal and I didn’t have it.

I recently updated my photo gallery to show off my current Star Wars collection. If you haven’t already, check it out. I’ll have to update it soon to reflect all the things I bought today!

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