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Generations of Grace

There was a time, many moons ago, that Susan would do just about anything to get my attention.

One time, back when we were living together in our mobile home, Susan decided she would try some “acrobatics” to get my attention. I was lying in my bed reading a book when I heard someone come running down the hallway. Back then I didn’t believe in bed frames so my bed consisted of a box springs sitting on the floor with a mattress sitting on top of that. Anyway, I was lying on my mattress reading a book when Susan came bursting into my room at full speed. With more grace than usual she performed an impressive front flip, landing directly on the foot of my bed. Unfortunately for her, her feet kept going forward and one of them went directly through my bedroom window.

I turned the page and kept on reading.

Last week, Morgan slipped and fell in the bathroom, hitting her head in the process. She has a huge bruise next to her eye that is suspiciously shaped like a doorknob. The week before that Mason fell in the kitchen, dropping a glass pitcher while falling and somehow landing on one the pieces, cutting his leg open. Every time the kids hurt themselves doing something like that I check to make sure they’re okay and then laugh and think of Susan doing that flip and sticking her foot through the window.

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