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Minor Pity Party

My sixth month run of no work-related travel ends this weekend as I hit the road and head to Las Vegas for a 2 1/2 week training course. It takes a lot of work to remove all the fun out of a trip to Las Vegas but we’ve managed to do it. My class starts on Monday, April 21, meaning I have to travel out there over the weekend, and it doesn’t end until Saturday, May 3rd, meaning I’ll be traveling back on the weekend as well. The class runs for two straight weeks including the weekend and we’re staying off the strip so it doesn’t sound like I’ll have time to do much during this trip. I could stay in Vegas a day after the class ends, but I’ve never been much for doing things like going to casinos by myself.

The timing of this class is particularly bad as I’m missing a ton of things I would rather be doing, including:

Easter (4/20)
Festival of the Arts (4/22-27)
My Dad’s Birthday (4/25)
Sun Valley Annual Garage Sale (4/26)
Onion Burger Day in El Reno (5/3)
Vintage Computing Festival (Atlanta, 5/3-4)

For anyone who has ever wished to travel for work, be careful what you wish for. There’s a big difference between getting to travel and having to.

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