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Back Home in Oklahoma

It’s funny how that carrot-on-a-stick promise of “it’s only a 2 1/2 hour flight from California to Oklahoma” turns into 11 hours after you figure in the drive to the airport, returning the rental car, time spent in the TSA security line and so on. We left our hotel in Pleasant Hill, California at 6:30am this morning, and arrived home at 5:30pm.

In the past seven days we visited Disneyland, the Warner Brothers Studio, Rancho Obi-Wan, the Jelly Belly factory, the Sequoia National Forest, Computer History Museum, and Alcatraz/Pier 39, with lots of other little stops and diversions along the way.

I’m going to spend the next week writing about our trip, saving the posts about Disneyland for the weekend. Look for lots of fun stories and pictures!

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2 comments to Back Home in Oklahoma

  • Uncle Ken

    I am honestly looking forward to reading MORE…. attt Your true calling is certainly Writing !!

  • Ladyjaye

    I second your uncle Ken! You’re a great storyteller, something I have to admit is NOT my forte, as I noticed when trying to write my part for Rob Strangman’s Memories of a Virtual Caveman.

    BTW, I guess that the computer museum’s visit (which I need to go see some day!) will inspire a YDKF episode? I sure hope so! :D