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After a couple of days of installing, tweaking, and configuring, everything is up and running at casa O’Hara. robohara.com, along with half a dozen other websites, are now running on my home computer. All this would not have been possible without the help of my old friend Jeff, co-owner of Managed Data Solutions. If you ever need hosting, consulting, backups or any other type of data solution, give MDS a try. Good peoples, they are. Over the past 48 hours, again with major help from Jeff, I was able to install a mail server, MySQL, migrate my old databases over, and perform a bunch of other tasks that would confuse some of you and bore others. The short version of the story is, I’m back, I’m online, and I’m not going anywhere for a long, long time.

I did experience one major glitch yesterday, which I was able to overcome this morning. Apparently, there is no “upgrading one’s home Internet to a business Internet connection.” Instead what happens is, home Internet is turned off, and business Internet is turned on. This sounded okay until yesterday afternoon when all of our cox.net e-mail addresses were deleted. I wasn’t happy about that, but I didn’t see it as a critical error — not until Susan informed me all of our online banking was tied in to her account! Susan contacted Cox’s online technical support last night and was informed that the accounts were deleted and that they could not be recovered.

This morning I contacted tech support (and eventually a supervisor) and the accounts were restored, now happily living under the umbrella of my dad’s account. Whew!

So anyway … summary is, everything’s back up and running, no more forseeable technical issues, and everything’s grand. Time to quick talking about webhosting and start talking about other stuff for a change.

PS: I added a few people to my mailing list to test out my subscription script. If you want to remove yourself, go to http://www.robohara.com/?page_id=724 and follow the instructions found there.

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