"I'll be back." -The Terminator

Long Weekend

This five minute excerpt of my weekend kind of describes the whole thing.

Saturday, Susan left to go check on her mother (which, if you’ve read, broke her arm on the ice). Apparently her mom also hurt her hip in the fall, so Susan went to go check on her. 30 seconds later, Susan calls me from her cell phone to report water pouring out of our backyard, out into the street. I run outside (barefoot) to discover water shooting from the pool. I then discover that I’ve moved too close, as I’m now standing (again, barefoot) in ice water. I run back in the house, arm still hurting, when the phone rings. It’s mom, wanting to know what’s up. While on the phone, I move to Susan’s office, where I can see the pool. I pulled on the string to open the blinds, only to have them fall off the wall and hit me in the head. Then the cordless phone battery went dead.

Yeah. The weekend went something like that.

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