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Whirlwind Trip to Denver

A few months ago, Susan reserved a vacation cabin in Granby, Colorado for the kids’ Fall Break. Little did she know back then that she would be spending the week before Fall Break in Denver and the week after Fall Break in Washington D.C., both for work. Determined to give the kids the vacation she promised them, this meant after spending a full week in Denver, Susan had to travel home, turn around, and head back three days later along with the rest of us in the car.

My best buddy Jeff and his family moved to Denver a few years ago, and last Friday he, his wife and two of their kids joined us at the cabin. The cabin was advertised as being able to sleep eight, which was technically true; there was one regular bed and two bunk beds (all full-size), leaving Jeff’s son on the couch and Mason on a chair/ottoman.

Saturday, Jeff led us to one of their favorite local campsites. Literally everybody but me worked on getting a fire started as I sat by, watching helplessly. Once the flames kicked in we cooked hot dogs, s’mores, and little toasted sandwiches with Susan’s pie iron. Before long the kids were off playing with walkie-talkies and the moms were off gold panning as Jeff and I sat around in our chairs, warming ourselves by the fire in the cool mountain air.

I spent most of the weekend gasping for air. Granby, Colorado has an elevation of 8,000 feet and up in the mountains we were closer to 10,000. I didn’t feel bad in Denver proper, but up in the mountains I was out of breath the entire time.

Because we stayed so far outside of Denver we didn’t get to spend much time in the city at all. I got to see Robb Sherwin at the 1Up barcade downtown for about an hour as we passed through, but the rest of our time was spent up in the mountains. Maybe next time.

Sunday, almost as quickly as we arrived, it was time to pile back in the truck and head home. I normally figure Denver to be roughly a ten hour drive from Oklahoma City, but we were two hours north of Denver. With the time change and the regular stops, we left Granby at 9 A.M. and pulled into our driveway at exactly 11 P.M.

The kids and I are still trying to recuperate from the trip. Susan’s in Washington D.C.

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