"Need to shed all my skin and start again." -Life of Agony, "I Regret"

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Friday, August 22nd, I turned 30 years old. Damn. It hurts to even say it.

Susan had been working on something extra special for me — that much I knew. I literally had no idea what she was up to. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I had gathered enough hints to know that something was going on out in our shed. By some of the people she mentioned that were helping here, I thought there might be some sort of construction going on, but then she through out enough false clues to throw me back off the lead.

For my birthday lunch, Susan invited several of my co-workers over for pizza and pop. When they arrived, we all headed out to the shed.

It turns out, over the past two months Susan, with the help of family and friends, turned our shed into an arcade!!! We had talked about turning it into some kind of entertainment area off and on, but it was one of those things that always started with “someday we outta …” or “wouldn’t it be cool if …” and never went anywhere. I can’t believe all the work she did on it. If you ever saw the shed before, it was filled with old lumber and spiders and dust. Now, it’s got cool black and white checkerboard carpeting, video games, an air hockey table, a bumper pool table … I just can’t believe she was able to pull it off. To top it all off, my dad bought me a slot machine for the room, and my mom bought me a microwave and some microwave popcorn. MAN am I hooked up or what?

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