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Another Busy Week

Another busy week ahead for the O’Haras. Besides Valentine’s Day, I’ve got two auctions to attend (one Wednesday during lunch, the other Saturday). Sometime this week I’ve also got to schedule a meeting with my college advisor. Time’s running out for that, as school begins March 10th. Friday night is the Life of Agony concert. Not only did I manage to get free backstage passes to the show (because of my music review website), but I am also supposed to interview the band. Go me.

The other thing I have to do this week is schedule nasal surgery. Last week I saw an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, who took another look at my sinus which are eternally bad. His first comment was that my nose has definitely been broken — he’s the second doctor to tell me that. The good news is that my sinus cavaties look okay and won’t need to be drilled out, which is apparantly a very painful and miserable experience. The bad news is, due to my deviated septum, the doctor would like to schedule a time where he can break my nose for me and fix my schnozz. The week of Feb 16th is about the only week I can do it. The week of February 23rd, Susan is going to Baltimore for a week, and the following week she’ll be in Kansas City for a week. There’s no way I’ll be able to handle Mason by myself with a broken nose, so if it’s gonna happen before school starts, it’s going to have to happen quick.

Justin came up this weekend and we went to eat at Fire Mountain. What a great place. It’s like heaven … but with a longer wait.

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