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The Worst Cold Ever

The older I get the more it seems like every cold I catch is the worst cold I’ve ever had.

I started feeling like crap last Thursday, just run down and irritable. By Friday evening, I felt like I had “medicine head” (Susan’s term), except I wasn’t taking any. On Saturday, my dad came over to visit from 9am-11am, and that was the longest I was awake all day. I slept off and on throughout the day, falling asleep while watching television and even writing at my desk. Susan swears she didn’t give me nighttime cough medicine, but that’s what it felt like. I would be on the computer and suddenly realize my eyes were closed and five minutes had gone by. Sunday was about the same. My chest tickles, my teeth feel funny, and my sides are sore from coughing.

Today was the first day I actually felt like getting dressed and moving around. I’m hoping whatever that was is gone, but it doesn’t feel like it, not yet.

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