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It’s been quiet around the blog for the past couple of weeks — my apologies for that. I hate writing blog entries that don’t say anything more than “sorry for not writing blog entries,” so I’ll add a bit more.

Graduate school has turned out to be more time intensive than I estimated. I’ve spent the past four months writing 50,000 words for my Writing the Novel class. Over the first two months I wrote and turned in the first 25,000 words, and I’ve spent the past two months not only writing the next 25,000 words but also fixing all the problems with the first 25,000 words — not just typos and grammatical errors, but errors in logic and plot as well. The project is due this week, so we’ll see if my hard work paid off. I am not in love with the final product but I love what I have learned while doing it, and I think whatever I write next will be better for it. I have been told that this class weeds out a lot of “wanna be” writers who don’t want to put the time in. Looking back, I can see that. I have stolen time from just about everywhere to finish my book on time.

My Readings in Mass Communications class hasn’t been quite as intense, but over the past sixteen weeks we’ve had to write three book reports, do a ninety-minute class presentation, and write a 10-20 page report.

I haven’t recorded or released a new podcast episode in almost a month. I know listeners of You Don’t Know Flack, Sprite Castle, and Cactus Flack’s are getting anxious. I should have new episodes beginning again next week. If you want to listen to some back episodes to tide you over, links to everything can be found here.

That leaves the blog, which hasn’t been abandoned, but has definitely been sparse over the past few weeks. Once I’m done with everything at school, expect my goofy ramblings about life to ramp back up.

I am not taking any classes this summer. During that time I plan to finish up work on the audiobook versions of Commodork (in time for the 10th anniversary) and Invading Spaces, finish up a couple of writing projects, and be as productive as hell. The older you get, the more you value time.

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2 comments to Almost There!

  • Armaden Restal

    I had guessed that your writing class load had finally caught up with you. Good luck and am looking forward to your future podcasts.

  • Emory Lehman

    “The older you get, the more you value time.” — So True…