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50 Pounds

I’ve been reticent to talk about my post-surgery weight loss for a couple of reasons, the main being I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything. Had I shed a few pounds through diet or exercise or lifestyle changes, I’d be bragging all over the place. The fact is, I’m losing weight because I had my body surgically altered — although technically my lap band hasn’t been filled yet, so it’s only offering the minimum restriction possible. Most of the weight loss I’ve experienced to date has been the result of the mandatory diet I was prescribed by the doctor. Anyone can lose weight under those circumstances.

But anyway, yeah, I’ve lost 50 pounds since Thanksgiving. A couple of my favorite shirts are starting to fit better, and I’ve had to put three new holes in my belt. I’m happy, but I wouldn’t say I’m proud. Talk to me in another 50 pounds and we’ll see if my opinion’s changed then.

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  • Lea

    50 pounds is 50 pounds and that is very much something to be excited about. I believe you have haven to give up a whole lot more than some people who decide to watch what they eat and exercise a bit more – those two things aren’t required. You’ve changed your lifestyle all together and stayed on the diet required by your doctor. That’s not easy. I think you have every reason to be proud of yourself! Congratulations for coming this far and also for the courage to do so. Both you and Susan are doing awesome!