Star Wednesday: Movie Posters

A few years back my dad bought me the movie posters for, at that time, all six Star Wars films. My wife framed them. I hung them in our movie room when we moved into our new house. They’re pretty awesome.

When you collect “a little bit” of something, space isn’t an issue. Everyone has room on their desk or nightstand for a couple of small items. If you’re really into something, maybe you’ll hang a shelf and fill it up with trinkets.

In my Star Wars room, which is approximately 10′ x 14′, every square inch of wall space is covered with shelves. There are shelves that stand on the floor and shelves that are mounted to the wall. Some of the shelves were purchased and some of them are simply painted planks of wood mounted to the wall. A couple of them were wobbly pieces of junk that I got from the thrift store and drove cheap nails into until they would stand up straight. Shelves cover 100% of the room’s available wall space. There’s no room left for anything else.

That’s part of the reason why the movie posters are on display in the movie room. That’s also why I don’t have a framed poster for Star Wars: Episode VII or Rogue One. I’m all out of room.

One cool thing about these posters is, and especially for the original three, the artwork brings back great memories. The art on these posters is iconic. Whenever I see these framed beauties, I smile. Whenever my kids see them, they do not smile. When I recently asked them how much they remembered of Star Wars, the answer was “nothing.” When I suggested we all sit down and watch it sometime, they made a face as if I had said, “I know I promised you all ice cream for dessert, but instead we’ll be having broccoli and gopher guts.”

(The refrigerator that used to sit on that table died. Now, Luke, Han, and Vader stand there. Spoiler: two of them died in the movies, too.)

I really enjoy my movie posters, but they definitely take up some space to display. Someday I’d like to have a more dedicated movie room. When I do, you can bet these posters will have a home in it.

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