About Rob O’Hara

……….xX{ PERSONAL }Xx……….

I (Rob O’Hara) was born in 1973 and grew up in Yukon, Oklahoma, where I met my wife Susan O’Hara (formerly Susan Holshouser). The two of us graduated from Yukon High School in 1991 and got married in 1995. We have two children, Mason (2001) and Morgan (2005), and one cat (Dusty Springtail). After working at several local restaurants (Mazzio’s Pizza, Grandy’s, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Heavenly Pizza, and Long John Silver’s) and attending several local colleges (Redlands Community College, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City Community College and Southern Nazarene University), I earned an Associates Degree in English/Journalism in 2000 and a Bachelors of Organizational Leadership in 2005.

After a brief stint at Best Buy as a computer technician, I was hired by the Federal Aviation Administration in 1995, where I remain today. Over the past twenty years I have served as a Helpdesk/Technical Support Analyst, Computer Specialist/LAN Administrator, Senior Network Engineer, IT Security Specialist, and Domain Admin/Enterprise Administrator.

Here are some of the best ways to get a hold of me: E-Mail | Twitter | Facebook

……….xX{ BOOKS }Xx……….

Commodork: Sordid Tales from a BBS Junkie (2006) is a collection of my old computer bulletin board system (BBS) stories. A lot of people loved the book and can relate to it; a few people hated it and called me a juvenile delinquent for writing it. (Spoiler: that’s why I put “sordid” in the title.) Available in paperback ($14.95) and as a DRM-free PDF file ($2.99). Click on the link for more information.

>> Commodork: WWW | Facebook

Invading Spaces: A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Arcade Games (2008) is a book full of advice about collecting arcade cabinets, along with stories that reflect how I learned almost everything about the hobby the hard way. Available in paperback ($14.95) and as a DRM-free PDF file ($2.99). Click on the link for more information.

>> Invading Spaces: WWW | Facebook

Gastric Steps, my latest book, was co-written by myself and my wife. In 2007, both my wife and I had gastric band (Lapband) surgery. This book tells the story of what led to that decision, the surgery, and life since being “banded.” The book was written using a “he said/she said” format in which both my wife and I took the same topics (“Working in Fast Food”) and each wrote a chapter from our own perspective. The book is currently being shopped to literary agents. In conjunction with the book, I started a new website/blog documenting the status of the book along with my current attempt at weight loss.

>> Gastric Steps: WWW | Facebook

I also contributed multiple articles to the 2005 book Retro Gaming Hacks. I don’t make any money if you buy it, but you should anyway — Chris Kohler did a great job compiling and editing the book.

……….xX{ PODCASTS }Xx……….

You Don’t Know Flack is a semi-regular retro-themed podcast. The original focus of the show (old technology) has expanded slightly to include “old stories,” but it’s still inherently retro in nature.

>> You Don’t Know Flack: WWW | iTunes | RSS

Sprite Castle is a podcast where I play and talk about Commodore 64 games. The show started out as a YouTube “tubecast” and was reborn as an audio show. Sprite Castle is sorta/kinda on hiatus until I can figure out a better format for the show.

>> Sprite Castle: WWW | iTunes | RSS

Throwback Reviews is a retro-themed show in which I and my friends Sean Johnson and Kevin “Zerbinator” Zerbe discuss retro things. Mostly we review movies from the 70s and 80s, but occasionally we talk about other things like toys and television shows.

>> Throwback Reviews: WWW | iTunes | RSS

Multiple Sadness is a horrible podcast about horrible movies. Pretty simple concept.

>> Multiple Sadness: WWW | iTunes | RSS

All of these retro-themed podcasts and many others can be found on ThrowbackNetwork.net, your source for quality retro-themed podcasts.

……….xX{ MISC }Xx……….

Along with this blog (robohara.com), I also regularly write articles for The Retroist. In the past I have written movie and video game reviews for many sites, including IGN.com, ReviewToAKill.com, and The Log Book.com. I have also had articles published in multiple print magazines including Video Game Trader, Video Game Collector, Forever Retro, and 2600: The Hacker Quarterly (Fall 1998).

My hobbies include collecting old arcade games, old video games and video game consoles, and old computers and computer games. I also have interests in technology, computer security, and interactive fiction (text adventures). I have a strong interest in pop culture and greatly enjoy movies and music (I don’t read as much as I wish I did). I am also a “collector of collections” and collect lots of things, including (but not limited to) Star Wars figures and play sets, Fisher Price Adventure People figures and play sets, vinyl records, and all kinds of miscellaneous silt from the 1980s.

I also enjoy travelling (but not flying) and have been to 45 of the 50 states along with Mexico and Canada. You can see all the states I have visited here.