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SCHEDULE: Every other Monday
SUMMARY: You Don’t Know Flack is my personal retro-themed podcast. The original focus of the show (old technology) has expanded slightly to include “old stories,” but it’s still inherently retro in nature. The show began in March of 2008 and is still active.

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SCHEDULE: Every other Monday
SUMMARY: Sprite Castle is a podcast where I play and talk about Commodore 64 games. The show started out as a YouTube “tubecast” and was reborn as an audio show.

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SCHEDULE: Every other Monday?
SUMMARY: On Cactus Flack’s, I’m running through the list of every arcade cabinet I’ve ever owned. While I’ve owned close to 100 different machines, I’ve combined a few and shuffled things around and will be releasing 50 episodes in all.

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SCHEDULE: Only the Shadow knows…
SUMMARY: Multiple Sadness is a horrible podcast about horrible movies, so bad they’re good… but still mostly bad. If you enjoy B-movies just as much as you enjoy Hollywood blockbusters, this is the show for you. This show began in July of 2015 and is still active.

NOTE: This podcast discusses R-rated movies. It contains adult language and discussions of nudity and violence.

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SUMMARY: Throwback Reviews is a retro-themed show in which my buddy Sean Johnson and I discuss retro things. Mostly we review movies from the 70s and 80s, but occasionally we talk about other things like toys and television shows.

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All of these retro-themed shows (and many others) can be found on ThrowbackNetwork.net, your home for quality retro podcasts.