"Well I'm lost at 22, and I've got no clue, no I don't know if things will work out right." -Life of Agony, "Lost at 22"


Patreon.com is a website that allows listeners to financially support their favorite content creators. I have created two tiers for my Patrons: Club Attaboy! ($1/month) and Peeping Toms and Tonyas ($5/month). This money goes toward hosting fees and blog/podcast-related expenses.

Members of Club Attaboy get their name listed on this page and exclusive access to my Members Only Patreon Blog.

My Peeping Toms and Tonyas get their names listed here (with a URL link), access to my Members Only Patron Blog, a one-time personalized audio “thank you” message from me, free copies of all my self-published eBooks, early access to my podcast-related videos, and access to my online Podcast folder, where you can see drafts, plans, and schedules of all of my upcoming podcasts and blogs!

.:[ Members of Club Attaboy ]:.

Alan Posch
Amigos Podcast
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G^Ray Defender
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Jake Nonnemaker
Jonas Rullo
Jose R Quezada
Matt Sullivan
Rick Reynolds
Scott Lambert

.:[ Members of Peeping Toms and Tonyas ]:.

David Kidd
Eric Strianese
Graham Wobcke
Jason Wells
Jeremy Jones
John Morrison
John Traeholt
Kevin Moon
Marc Allie
Mark McDonald
Michael D’Angelo
Tapes from the Crypt

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