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Destination Alaska: Day 14 (The End)

Yesterday morning we woke up in a hotel in Chadron, Nebraska, around 6:30am. We packed our things into the minivan one last time and headed southish — destination, home.

GPSes are funny little devices; according to ours, there’s no major highway between Chadron, Nebraska and Oklahoma City (or at least Salina, Kansas). For roughly seven […]

Destination Alaska: Day 13 (Almost Done)

Today was Day 13 of our vacation. At the end of Day 14, we expect to be home and sleeping in our own beds. This is almost the end.

Today consisted mostly of driving, with three stops of note. The first was at Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

Ten Sleep, Wyoming has a posted population of […]

Destination Alaska: Day 12

Technically the “Destination Alaska” label is incorrect at this point as we are actively traveling away from Alaska, but I might as well stick with it through the end of the trip.

This morning we left Missoula, Montana, heading east on I-90 around 9am. At least I think it was 9am. We’ve been through so […]

Destination Alaska: Day 11 (with pix!)

When we woke up this morning, the cruise ship was docked in Seattle. We made it! At least, we made it back to the lower 48; we’ve still got 2,000 miles to go in the minivan before we’re “home” home, but after spending a week mostly out at sea, even Seattle felt like “home”.

When […]

Destination Alaska: Day 10

Mason and I began the day with a 2 1/2 hour tour called Behind the Fun. During the tour, Mason and I saw everything from the laundry rooms two floors below the water line to the captains bridge, where.we got to see all the controls. I will write more about the tour when I am […]

Destination Alaska: Day 9

Woke up with the ship already docked in Ketchikan, Alaska. We ate breakfast on the ship before heading out.

Our first stop was at the local lumberjack show. It sounds hokey but it was pretty entertaining. After the show Mason and Morgan had their pictures taken with the lumberjacks. Yo ho!

After that we […]

Destination Alaska: Day 8

The ship sailed last night from Skagway to Juneau. Room service brought us our breakfast around 6am. We were off the boat by 7am.

Today’s adventure started in a bus that took us to the Mendenhall Glacier. Apparently I got glaciers and icebergs mixed up because a glacier is not a big piece of […]

Destination Alaska: Day 7

On day seven, we hit land in Skagway, Alaska. The “tourist” part of town is about seven blocks long and looks like an old western movie set. Each building is painted a different color, and each one makes their living by selling to cruise ship tourists.

After walking around town a bit, we had […]

Destination Alaska: Day 6

It’s getting harder to tell the days apart. It’s light outside almost all of the time and most areas of the ship are open 24/7. This morning I had to check the computer to confirm both the date and the day. We are now in the Alaskan time zone, so it’s 3 hours earlier here […]

Destination Alaska: Day 5

(Due to limited internet connectivitiy, these posts have been delayed.)

This morning we had breakfast in one of the official dining rooms. The window tables seat 8, so if you ask for a window seat, you’ll most likely get seating with another group. We ended up with a party of three (a dad and his […]