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Interactive Fiction: Random Nuggets

At last year’s Oklahoma Video Game Expo (OVGE), I officially debuted my first full-length text adventure. Hangar 22, written in Inform 6, was a light-hearted text-based work of interactive fiction that involved aliens, tacos, and a talking GPS that sounded like Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Over the past 30 years lots of people have written lots of […]

2010 Interactive Fiction Competition is Underway!

The 16th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (IFComp) is currently underway. Each fall, dozens (okay, about two dozen) authors write and submit short works of Interactive Fiction (Text Adventures, if you’re old school) for sharing and judging. All the games are free to download and play (many of them can be played online as well). If […]

Get Lamp: An Interactive Review

Every now and then, I have my moments of brilliance. They’re getting further apart the older I get, but on occasion, just the right synapse fires off and I impress (or rather surprise) myself.

While watching Jason Scott’s Get Lamp, his new documentary about text adventures (Interactive Fiction), it hit me — what better way […]

Ten Games You Should Try To Beat

A friend of mine recently asked me to name five games I would recommend playing all the way through from beginning to end. There are tons of modern games (The Last of Us, Halo, Portal) that have great story lines, but I wanted to go somewhat old school with my list. I also couldn’t possibly […]

Last chance to e-mail me your photo, appear in a video game, and win some cash.

On Monday of this week I announced a contest in which all you had to do to enter was take a picture of yourself from either the waist up or the shoulders up and mail it to me for a chance to win fifty bucks. On Monday I had six people enter. On Tuesday I […]

Appear in a video game and possibly win $50 by e-mailing me your picture!

My very good friend Robb Sherwin is working on a new computer game, titled Cyberganked. It’s a text adventure (er, Interactive Fiction) game that takes place a few years in the future. In his game, Robb wants to include pictures of random people, and that’s where we come in. Anyone who e-mails me a usable […]

OVGE 2012: The Recap

This weekend marked the 9th annual Oklahoma Video Game Expo (OVGE) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I attended the first show in 2003 as a spectator, but have participated as a presenter (almost) every year since then.

Along for the ride this year were my friends Robb and Steve, who I previously mentioned flew in from […]

OVGE this Saturday in Tulsa

The 9th Annual (wow!) Oklahoma Video Game Expo (OVGE) will take place this Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As always, I and some friends will have a table set up and once again the entire hall will be filled with people buying, selling, and playing video games.

At my table this year, I will be joined […]

You Don’t Know Flack Episode 115: Text Adventures

Episode 115 of my podcast You Don’t Know Flack went online earlier today for some strange reason. I had actually scheduled the post to go live this Saturday, but something went wonky with WordPress and the post decided to go live on its own today. So, there you go.

Episode 115 is all about text […]

Hugo Open House Competition

Back in December of 2011, Ice Cream Jonesy and Roody Yogurt (yes, those are their real names) suggested holding a “Hugo Speed IF” competition. The “IF” stands for Interactive Fiction (aka “Text Adventures” for you/us old timers); “Hugo” is the language the games were to be programmed in, and “Speed” part refers to works created […]