"I believe them bones are me." -Alice in Chains, "Them Bones"

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Something to “cool of with”

Looking for something to “Cool of With”? Look no further than McDonald’s!

Vegetable Plant’s

These things belong to the Vegetable Plant. Please do not touch them.

Four Extras …

“Well, here’s the deal. We’ve got four extra apostrophes and we need to use them somewhere.”

“But wouldn’t it make more sense to put apostrophes in all the words that end in S? Or none of them?”

“Yes. But unfortunately, we only have four extras, and they gotta go somewhere. Now get to work.”


New Stripes

First thought: They misspelled “resume”.

Second thought: The also misspelled “strips”.

Conclusion: The letter “e” migrated west for the winter.

(Spotted in the Daily Oklahoman.)

If that’s really a job requirement, I’m not interested.

(Spotted online. And no, I’m not job hunting.)

Homegrown Tomato’s

Right now in America, homegrown tomato’s are being sold using homegrown sign’s containing homegrown apostrophe’s.

It’s hard to tell by the picture, but this sign was printed (not hand-written), which implies there are many more of them out there.

Happy Hollidays from Pizza Hut!

My good friends Andy and Lea caught these seasons greetings from the Yukon Pizza Hut over the weekend.

Free with each pizza – an extra “L”!

Goodbye McDoble, Hello MacRib!

I knew McDonald’s wouldn’t fail me. Just 24 hours later …

For those who don’t know (like whoever put this sign up), it’s a McRib — not a MacRib. They got it right on the other side of the sign, so customers are welcome to choose the spelling of their choosing.


The McDoble That Got Away

This’ll teach me never to leave the house without my camera again! Yesterday morning while going through the McDonald’s drive thru, Susan and I noticed a new sign hanging next to the drive-thru speaker announcing the arrival of a new burger: the McDoble. They managed to misspell the word double four times in only seven […]


Smile, you’re on my blog for having multiple signs made with such a simple mistake.