2017 Ford Flex
Winter, 2017

In the fall of 2017 I sold my Subaru WRX STI for $28k and put the money in the bank. I've had my eye on a new Ford Flex for a while, but I wanted the Limited trim package and couldn't justify the $43k asking price for 2017 models (2018 ones were priced at almost $50k).

Taking a page from the Dave Ramsey book, I decided to purchase a slightly used model. It's a 2017, but with 20,000 miles on it. I found an identical one (in a different color) priced for $43,000, and was able to get this one for $27,000. The car looks and drives like new, so basically I traded 20,000 miles for a $16,000 discount. The other great part was, I was able to walk into the dealership and pay cash for it with the money I made off of the Subaru!

This 2017 Ford Flex is black on black and loaded with every option I wanted. In the next week I plan to upgrade the rims and add tint to the front windows. I had considered adding a subwoofer to the sound system, but the 12 speaker audio system sounds good enough... for now.