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My Year in Review: A Look Back at 2017

2017 was another great year for the O’Haras. Morgan turned 12, Mason turned 16, and Susan and I both turned 44. The country experienced an eclipse, Susan officiated her first wedding, we discovered not one but two snakes in our house, I found a ton of vintage VHS tapes containing tons of treasure, I […]

New Ride: 2017 Ford Flex

“I’m bored. You wanna go buy a car today?”


Okay, so it didn’t happen exactly like that, but it was pretty close.

The Ford Flex has been on my radar ever since I sold my Scion XB a few years ago. After I got the Subaru WRX STi, owning a Flex went on […]

What I Watched and Read in 2017

For the second year in a row, I maintained a list of everything I watched and read throughout the entire year. While you are welcome to read the entire list, I thought I would go back through the list and make some observations.


According to my list, I watched 125 movies in 2017. […]

Star Wednesday: Christmas Figurines

Most of my Star Wars figure are on display year round. I rarely shuffle them around; where they sit is where they sit. The one exception to this are my Star Wars holiday figurines.

I can’t recall many examples of Star Wars characters being used out of context (save for M&M’s line of Star […]

The Protector of Christmas

I suppose when you do anything 44 times, the magic starts to wear off.

When you’re a kid, everything about Christmas is exciting. The lights, the songs, the cookies and candy canes, the presents, the television specials, the rituals… everything is so new and exhilarating. I was the kid who laid in bed […]

The Last Jedi Family

(This post is spoiler free and does not discuss the plot of The Last Jedi.)

Last Thursday at 9:30 p.m., a time when most kids are winding down and preparing for bed, ours were with us at Penn Square Mall, waiting for the 10 p.m. showing of Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi to […]

Happy Birthday, Mason (Next Mile Ahead)

Five minutes after Mason was born, I had emailed pictures of him to my coworkers and my family. That was quite a feat sixteen years ago, back in 2001. First I had to transfer the pictures from my digital camera to my laptop using a special cable. Next I had to resize the pictures, because […]

Another Semester in the Books

Sunday, while Susan and the kids were at the mall finishing up some Christmas shopping, I submitted my final paper of the year, bringing the end to another semester of school.

This semester I “only” took six credit hours in the form of three classes, compared to the spring semester when I took 10 […]

Star Wednesday: R2D2 Ceramic Bank

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any Star Wars collectibles in 2017 and for the most part I haven’t. Then, last week, I saw this for sale at Dollar General and caved.

This R2 unit is, in fact, a ceramic piggy bank. It’s all one piece, so there’s no articulation. His legs […]

Cold Bones

The high yesterday afternoon was 74 degrees. Right now at 6 a.m. it’s 38, but the weatherman says it feels closer to 30.

“It’s going to be cold on the motorcycle this morning,” I say. “Sure you don’t want to ride the bus to school?”

I’m not sure he answered me with anything but […]