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Happy 30th Birthday, MS-DOS!

On July 27th, 1981, Microsoft took their modified/rebranded version of QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) and released it as MS-DOS — Microsoft’s Disk Operating System.

(If you have not seen Triumph of the Nerds yet, do so.)

In 1980 we had a TRS-80 III that used TR-DOS. We moved to an Apple compatible […]

Review: Cryptozookeeper


I passed on the opportunity to have dinner with Robb Sherwin back in 2007 when the two of us were (separately) attending the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. “He’s funny, you’re funny, come have dinner with us,” said mutual friend Jason Scott. Unfortunately I already had plans to visit the Pinball Hall of […]

Oklahoma Video Game Expo 2011: GET TEXT

I can think of three reasons why anybody would rent table space at a video game convention. The first is, you own a video game store. Those guys are there to sell games and promote their stores. The second reason is, you’re a video game collector looking to (a) sell video games (often duplicate titles […]

Oklahoma Video Game Expo: June 18, 2011

The 8th (!) annual Oklahoma Video Game Expo (OVGE) will take place this Saturday at the Spirit Bank Event Center in Tulsa, OK.

Out of the seven OVGE shows (there was no show in 2007) I’ve had a table at five of them, each year with a different theme. So far I’ve done Console […]

Last Call for Hangar 22 Beta Testers!!

Hangar 22, my first text adventure, is essentially done! Thanks to everybody who has helped me test thus far. The final release will probably be Friday. If you’d like to play it now (and help me by testing things out), here are two ways to play it.

01. Play the game online. For some reason, […]

The Book of Adventure Games

Over the weekend at one of those “City-wide Garage Sales”, I found the following book:

The Book of Adventure Games, by Kim Schuette, was released in 1985. The cover pretty much has it all: caves, a fire-breathing dragon, an overflowing treasure chest, and (of course) a lamp. Everybody’s got a lamp.

The Book of […]

Work on Hanger 22 Continues

Last week I gave myself two weeks to complete Hanger 22, my first “official” text adventure. Things are moving along, and I expect to meet my self-imposed deadline.

The game’s story takes place over two days. Other than minor wordsmithing, “Day One” is essentially complete. All the objects and game mechanics within Day One are […]

Racing the Beam

My parents brought home our first home Pong console in the fall of 1977, shortly after I turned four-years-old. The following year we upgraded to a Magnavox Odyssey 2, and in 1979 we purchased an Atari 2600. I have literally been playing video games my entire life; I’m a grown up gamer that grew up […]

Get Lamp? Just got one, thanks.

Earlier this year Jason Scott released Get Lamp, his “text adventure/interactive fiction” documentary. (If you missed it, I wrote an interactive review of it.) Before the documentary was released, I pre-paid for two copies: one for me, and one for my dad — after all, it was Dad who got me into computers and text […]

CYOA Contest Announced

Yesterday, Chris from Adventure Cow announced a “write-your-own choose-your-own adventure competition”, which begins 11/15 (next Monday) and runs through 12/15. You remember those old Choose Your Own Adventure books, right? Well, this is your chance to write your own!

Writing your own adventure on Adventure Cow is simple — you provide the text and […]