Hidden Door Shelves

Ok, so like, seriously — who, after watching Scooby Doo, hasn’t wanted a secret door like this one in their house?

Unfortunately, this link came to me from makezine.com, who linked to a story from Lifehacker, who linked to another blog … which is now gone. Only the picture remains. One of the goals […]

Building Bookshelves

Ana-White.com posted a set of instructions on how to build these lovely shelves.

As the instructions note, it would be pretty easy to alter the dimensions of this shelf to meet your own personal space requirements. They may cost a little more than the Sauder ones from Walmart, but they look like they would […]

Black Adjustable Shelves

Of all the types of available shelves out there, these metal adjustable ones may be some of the cheapest, quickest, and easiest to assemble.

I’m sure you’ve seen this type of shelf before. Assembly happens so quickly that it’s almost a non-issue. You can buy the support rails and wooden shelves at any […]

Tetris Shelves

If you’re into video games and you’re into shelves, you’ve probably run across these in one form or another.

The problem? These (the unpainted ones) are $700.

These, with the colored backings, are $1,300. Plus shipping. Or, I believe you can order them for $120 per block. For the record, for $120 you […]

Shelf House (I’ve Died and Gone to Heaven)

No, you haven’t died and gone to Heaven. Needing a place to “store his large book collection,” the owner of this 560 square foot Japanese home turned to the Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio, who covered essentially every available wall with shelves.

The only thing that could make this house more awesome is […]

Goodwill Hunter’s Rafter-Hung Shelves

Goodwill Hunter is back again with some great looking DVD/Video Game shelves for his basement. Unlike his previous, floor-standing shelves, these were designed to hang from the rafters in his basement. Check it out!

My gameroom has once again reached “unholy mess” status. Unfortunately, I have run out of gameroom space, and am forced to […]

Stackable Cardboard Shelves

Although I suspect these are more proof-of-concept than actual product (it’s hard to tell; the original site’s in French), I thought the idea was interesting enough to share. Designed Dany Gilles has created a set of interlocking/stackable shelves, made from recycled cardboard.

While I’m sure the designer was pushing the “made from recycled […]

Goodwill Hunter’s Genesis Shelves

Goodwill Hunter is a man after my own heart. When you fill up your shelves, you don’t get rid of things — you build more shelves! Here is another example of shelf building by Goodwill Hunter. This guy is to shelves what I am to … writing about shelves. Take it away, GWH!

The shelves […]

Goodwill Hunter’s Custom Game Shelves

The following tutorial, originally posted by Goodwill Hunter on Digital Press, was one of the original inspirations for this website. GWH did a terrific job of utilizing the space he had available, and the finished product looks completely professional. So good, in fact, that I once threatened to kidnap Mr. Hunter, chain him up in […]

Trim Upgrade

Yesterday, Destri over at The Mother Huddle demonstrated upgrading a cheap set of shelves by adding trim to them. It’s definitely a topic I’ve been wanting to cover, and since hers came out better than mine I decided to show off hers instead.

The first thing Destri did was pick up these cheap (and […]