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The failing of

About a year ago I signed up for a free website named After signing up, the service allows people around you to leave anonymous suggestions and feedback — the idea being since all comments are anonymous, your friendships won’t be affected and you can get real, true comments and suggestions on ways to improve […]

Fun, but Frustrating

Over the past week I’ve been working on two different tech-related projects. The first of which was, I’ve been working on setting up a BBS. It’s telnet, not dial-up based, and it’s pretty much working although there’s still lots of little tweaks I need to do to it. The other was, last night my CFFA3000 […]

A New Day, A New RAID

A few years ago when I decided to build my first data storage RAID for the house, I didn’t have enough room in my server’s case to add four additional hard drives … so I went out to the garage, pulled one of my old computer cases off the shelf, and added four hard drives […]

Why My Desk Looks Like This

Monday evening after hours I got a call informing me that one of our most important servers at work was offline. I’m not officially “on call” like I used to be years ago, but when something like this happens you throw your shoes back on and go see what’s up.

What was “up” — […]

Happy 30th Birthday, MS-DOS!

On July 27th, 1981, Microsoft took their modified/rebranded version of QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) and released it as MS-DOS — Microsoft’s Disk Operating System.

(If you have not seen Triumph of the Nerds yet, do so.)

In 1980 we had a TRS-80 III that used TR-DOS. We moved to an Apple compatible […]

Security Through Obscurity, and why it fails.

Before we begin today’s lesson, we’re going to do something fun and generate your Rock Star name. Your first name will be the name of your first pet and your last name will be the name of the street you live on. Mine’s “Ernie Gregg.” Write this down or just make note of it; you’ll […]

See. Seagate. Seagate Drop.

Last week a thread on Seagate’s public forum started getting some attention within tech circles. Apparently, a few customers began complaining that their Seagate 1tb (Terabyle) hard drives were dying. Like, a lot of drives. Like, people are estimating somewhere around 30%-40% of the drives are dying. Fortunately for me I don’t OH WAIT I […]

Mental Programming

The second most important part of writing any computer program or script is planning out your program’s “path”. You can do this in a number of ways; flowcharting is one common method. A program’s flow can also be referred to as its “logic”.

(Incidently, and completely unrelated to this post, the single most important […]

The Obstinate 80 Gigs

For as long as I can remember I have associated specific songs with specific memories, and for me, an arcade wouldn’t be an arcade without the music. All of my old arcade memories including a backing soundtrack of 80s music. Different arcades had different playlists: family friendly arcades like Le Mans and Tilt pumped in […]

Streaming to the PS3

One feature of my new LCD television I hadn’t given much thought to was the VGA input. Downstairs I already run a PVR system, so when I saw the VGA port on my new television I decided I would build another computer and hook it up upstairs, so I could watch divx and other downloaded […]