YDKF Episode 136: Funspot Arcade

After a couple of weeks off, my podcast You Don’t Know Flack is back with a new episode dedicated to the Funspot Arcade. Funspot is the largest arcade in the world, and we recently visited Funspot during out vacation.

A few other notes: one, the voice mailbox number has changed. The new voice […]

Talking Back to the Future on the Adventure Club Podcast

Prolific podcaster Guy Hutchison recently asked me to join him on a bonus episode of the Adventure Club Podcast to discuss a favorite topic of the Adventure Club’s, Back to the Future. We were also joined by Paxton Holley (co-host of the Nerd Lunch Podcast and owner of the Cavalcade of Awesome) and Tim Lybarger […]

YDKF Episode 130: Pagers, PDAs, and Cell Phones

Episode 130 of You Don’t Know Flack covers pagers, PDAs, and cell phones. In this episode I talk about the first pager I owned and why I wanted one, the first PDA I owned (the Palm Pilot III), and a few of the cell phones I’ve owned over the years (starting with the Star-Tac). I […]

YDKF Episode 127/128/129: BASIC/Commodore 128/Arcades

It’s been a few weeks (apparently) since I announced my new podcast episodes here.

Episode 127 is about BASIC programming. This one has old stories about programming in BASIC, a few new stories about Visual Basic, and some new forks of the BASIC programming language that are still being updated.

Episode 128 is (fittingly) […]

YDKF Episode 126: The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Finally, we’re back on track with this week’s podcast.

This week’s show is all about the Nintendo Entertainment System — the NES, for short. In this episode you’ll get to hear about how and when I got my first NES and what games I used to play. You’ll also learn about the horrible television I […]

YDKF Episode 125: The Video Game Crash of 1983

Here’s the second post that got gummed up in the system.

Episode 125 of You Don’t Know Flack is all about the video game crash of 1983. “It was a dark and stormy night…” or was it really? In this episode I talk all about the causes of the video game crash of 1983, and […]

YDKF Episode 124: Arkadia Retrocade

This podcast is actually two weeks old, but for some reason this announcement didn’t go through.

So, here it is.

Episode 124 of You Don’t Know Flack is a recap of my visit to the new Arkansas retro arcade, Arkadia Retrocade. Our visit to the arcade sure helped cure my case of Pac-Man Fever!


YDKF Episode 123: The CFFA 3000

Leaping from moderately mainstream to moderately obscure, Episode 123 of You Don’t Know Flack is dedicated to the CFFA 3000, a relatively new card that plugs into vintage Apple II computers and allows retro hobbyists to load virtual disk images and convert physical disks to virtual disk images (and back). I also coin the word […]

YDKF Episode 122: MAME Cabinets

Believe it or not I recorded the first episode of You Don’t Know Flack all the way back in 2008. Between then and now the number one requested show topic has been MAME Cabinets. For some reason I cannot explain, I never got around to recording one. That is, until last Sunday.

You […]

YDKF Episode 121: Thrifting

This week’s episode of You Don’t Know Flack is all about thrifting — shopping at thrift stores, garage sales, antique malls and pawn shops. Throughout this episode I’ll tell you some of the best things I’ve found at these places along with some of the worst. I also talk a bit about what has replaced […]