"I'll be back." -The Terminator

Homegrown Tomato’s

Right now in America, homegrown tomato’s are being sold using homegrown sign’s containing homegrown apostrophe’s.

It’s hard to tell by the picture, but this sign was printed (not hand-written), which implies there are many more of them out there.

Happy Hollidays from Pizza Hut!

My good friends Andy and Lea caught these seasons greetings from the Yukon Pizza Hut over the weekend.

Free with each pizza – an extra “L”!

Goodbye McDoble, Hello MacRib!

I knew McDonald’s wouldn’t fail me. Just 24 hours later …

For those who don’t know (like whoever put this sign up), it’s a McRib — not a MacRib. They got it right on the other side of the sign, so customers are welcome to choose the spelling of their choosing.


The McDoble That Got Away

This’ll teach me never to leave the house without my camera again! Yesterday morning while going through the McDonald’s drive thru, Susan and I noticed a new sign hanging next to the drive-thru speaker announcing the arrival of a new burger: the McDoble. They managed to misspell the word double four times in only seven […]


Smile, you’re on my blog for having multiple signs made with such a simple mistake.

Super Sharpies

In China they don’t make Sharpies — they make SUPER SHARPIES!

For the most part they feel, appear and perform like their non-super counterparts. Their superness, I suspect, is printed on the back of the packaging.


Have a good Holliday!

Man, there are a lot of weird things going on this sign. My post’s title gives away the punchline — the word “holiday” has obviously been misspelled — but the more I look at this note the weirder it becomes.

First of all, it’s a handwritten note that uses fourteen different fonts. I […]

Togo Orgers

I realize Thai menus may seem like easy picking when it comes to typos, but I found this one particularly entertaining. Soup and spring rolls come with “TOGO ORGERS,” not to be confused with “Togo the Ogre,” whom they just can’t seem to give away.

You say tomatos, I say uh typos …

Due to the recent nationwide salmonella outbreak there appears to be a shortage of both tomatoes and the letter “E”. Spotted at a local Sonic restaurant. I think my favorite thing about this one is how it is stressed in all capitals, as if to say, “ATTENTION CUSTOMERS, THIS WORD IS SPELLED WRONG.”

Now Hiring

Now hiring, one spell checker for a local snowcone stand. Must be able to remove apostrophes from such words as “Float’s”, “Shake’s”, “Malt’s”, and “Sundae’s”.

When I see signs like this one it makes me wonder why “cones” didn’t get an apostrophe. “Float’s”, “Shake’s”, “Malt’s”, and “Sundae’s” all got apostrophes — why not […]