"After all, tomorrow is another day!" -Scarlett O'Hara

Goodbye, Milk Crate!

A couple of months back I bought a flat screen television to use as a monitor for some of my old computers. After posting the following picture, the number one response I received was, “nice milk crate.”

While digging around in the garage this weekend I found some scrap wood left behind by the […]

Commodorks in Carolina

A couple of months back one of my online friends (Mikey) mentioned to me he was looking to buy a Commodore 64. The next morning I went out to the garage, got one of my remaining spare Commodores, boxed it up and mailed it to him. Although I have run out of spare 1541 drives, […]

YDKF Episode 127/128/129: BASIC/Commodore 128/Arcades

It’s been a few weeks (apparently) since I announced my new podcast episodes here.

Episode 127 is about BASIC programming. This one has old stories about programming in BASIC, a few new stories about Visual Basic, and some new forks of the BASIC programming language that are still being updated.

Episode 128 is (fittingly) […]

Old Computers, New Monitor

Over the years I have set up and broken down my old gaming systems and computers many, many times. Sometimes — often times, actually — it seems like I spend more time connecting and configuring and reconnecting and reconfiguring them than I do actually playing games on them. When it comes to old hardware I […]

Commodork on the Virtual Shelf

Commodork reader Frank Burcaw recently e-mailed me the following screenshot from his iPad:

I’m not sure how deserving my book is to sit on the same shelf with The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine and Jobs’ biography — even virtually — but I’m tickled nonetheless to see it there.

Thanks again for sending me the picture, […]

OVGE 2012: The Recap

This weekend marked the 9th annual Oklahoma Video Game Expo (OVGE) in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I attended the first show in 2003 as a spectator, but have participated as a presenter (almost) every year since then.

Along for the ride this year were my friends Robb and Steve, who I previously mentioned flew in from […]

OVGE this Saturday in Tulsa

The 9th Annual (wow!) Oklahoma Video Game Expo (OVGE) will take place this Saturday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As always, I and some friends will have a table set up and once again the entire hall will be filled with people buying, selling, and playing video games.

At my table this year, I will be joined […]

Jack Tramiel (1928-2012)

Jack Tramiel once said “business is war,” and based on his track record, he must have meant it. He was said, “anybody who sells a product against me I would like to wipe out.” Jack Tramiel was ruthless in business. One of his first tasks at Atari was cutting his new staff of 1,200 employees […]

The Commodore 64 Moves In

My parents bought my Uncle Kenny’s Commodore 64 for me back in 1985. If I remember correctly the sound chip had blown out, so the first thing we they did was have it fixed. Sixteen years later, I still own (and use) that same Commodore computer.

I’ve owned dozens of other Commodore computers over the […]

For Release: Commodore Users of Norman PD Collection (C64/D64)

I don’t really know “how” to release this. I don’t even know if anyone will be interested. I hope somebody is.

In March of 2007, via Craigslist, I purchased a large lot of Commodore hardware and software. For the grand total of $39 I ended up with six Commodore 64s, six 1541 disk drives, a […]